Crab Porridge?

There are so many definition of porridge that can be found in the internet. All with their own uniqueness and from different countries. But now I’m going to talk about, Chinese porridge. Chinese porridge is basically the result of putting too much water in the rice cooker when cooking rice, and it end up looking like rice but watery.

I never really like Chinese porridge not because I’m racist but the porridge always gave me hard time eating it. Usually Chinese porridge must be serve while it’s still hot, or else it will taste worst than grass. For that reason, I don’t like porridge, but I don’t hate it either. Consuming porridge require a lot of effort and time. I found it very annoying when I need to blow the porridge before I can put it in my mouth for each spoon, and I can’t ignore this step because I don’t want to hurt my tongue. So I would prefer to eat burger. It’s so round that you can hold it with your hands, eat it, squeeze it or throw at people with it. See, burger is just fantastic, it have multiple function.

However, for once in my porridge lifetime, I think that porridge is cool. I call it, the Crab Porridge! Just look at it, the crab is enjoying the hot spring. I guess crab know how to live a life huh? Honestly, if you serve me this Crab Porridge, I will not consume it. I will keep it as a souvenir, or at least, I’ll put the crab in another bath tub and give that crab-less porridge to other people.


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