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My 4th Dimension

I get distracted easily, and I always find it frustrating. My imagination tend to go wild even when the cricket quiets down. Be it in the public or alone, my imagination never sleep. It sound good isn’t it? There is a problem with it, the imagination were too abstract most of it which make it hard for me to translate it into the world. I guess I will need discipline to control my thoughts.

Somehow, I found several ways to bridge the abstract into the world, my world at least. Writing them down, is the most basic step among all. Lately, I mingle around videography as a new hobby, that is a good method too. The most fascinating method I ever found was dancing. I am able to channel my self into the other dimension and get out with full control. Unlike the other two methods I mentioned, I can only deliver them out. But dancing, I am able to go in the 4th dimension and at the same time hold ground to reality.

It does not ensure distraction immunity, I still get distracted. I’m not distracted because of people looking at me or what so ever, but I get distracted when I sense depreciation and ignorance. When humans are desperate, they would do anything to achieve their needs. I do get desperate when I keep failing to get into the atmosphere, and I will close my eyes, to stop my brain from interpreting my physical sight.

Slowly, I started to light some fire, just so that I am able to see in the dark. Each breath I take is another step into the other dimension. Step by step and I am in. Sometimes I use the music as a booster, it’s like a transportation that helps me travel faster. Once I am in, the outside world are no longer heard.

I dwell in it, feel it, until it overflows me. Then my body started to move, starting from the smallest gesture, to release what’s overwhelmed me. As the feeling flows much stronger than the river streams, my body starting to move more and more. It feels awesome as I am able to manipulate the abstract, deliver it into the world instantly and having full control of it. Of course I hardly get the original idea out because there is an interpretation process going on in between, and I deliver back in the interpreted idea, then it provide a space to define another new thing.

I don’t stay inside for long, that would be running away from the reality. I will go back to reality, and it is easy. Much easier than snapping your fingers. I just open my eyes, and I am back.

How I wish, people can visit each others imagination. It would be a great experience and awesome way to exchange ideas.


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The Red Dice

Since this post in categorized as random. I am going to tell a random story. The stories centers around a place named Cyberjaya. There live many boys and girls, but I am going to talk about one boy only, me. I bought a new sony handycam mainly to record my own choreography, persevering memory and produce casual videos. As for producing casual videos, I randomly inspired to use red dice. Hence, a search for red dice begin.

According to the standard protocol of a searching mission, research about the subject is require before any further action and that is what I did. Okay I am sorry, I lied, I did not do any research for red dice. With no hesitation I walk out the house and start looking for red dice. Deep inside my heart, I knew that the red dice is not something common, therefore, I decided to travel to KL, the “New York” of Malaysia to search the red dice.

From station to station, bus-stop to bus-stop, yes, I reached KL. Since the red dice is rare, so I started off with the rare looking stall and shop lots around the “golden river”, Sungai Wang. Surprisingly none of them got what I came for, the red dice. That did not stop me to keep looking for the red dice. I re-draw the plan and try to allocate another strategic location.

The next location was Time Square, a place where the time is always square. Every time I step into the building, I feel that my time is square. I did not get distracted by other things, I was fully focus on the searching. I start asking around the mini stall and they all shook their heads like they never did before. I keep walking until I came across some gifts and souvenirs shop. I pull all the courage from all direction of oxygen and ask the cashier, ” Do you sell dice? ” . ” What’s that? ” she replied. I said it twice but she shook her head. I shouted to my friends outside the shop, ” Hey, what do you call dice in chinese ?” and I deliver the message using chinese, but still the cashier shook her heads. The shop owner came out and just about before he speak the first word, the cashier somehow understand me. She said, ” Oh, dice, sorry we don’t sell it here.”

That was disappointing, but no matter what, I was determined to find the red dice. I tried the magic store, but they do not sell normal dice. Instead, they ask me to go for the bookstore. The bookstore, where people sell books, also happen to be selling dice as well, but it was white dice. All the negative event did not discourage me. However, I was a little bit tired for carrying too much of hope with such result.

No matter what, I keep on walking, in a square manner. When all hopes seems to be fading away, something bright was just in front of my eyes. I heard some voices coming from the shop, it was so soft yet sharp. The shop looks fancy, it was a fancy looking gift and souvenirs shop. The moment I step into the shop, I can feel the presence of the red dice. I tried so hard to look for it, from left to right, up and down, the red dice was no where to be found. Again, I summoned the courage from all direction of oxygen, to ask the cashier. She gave me a sad look saying, ” We do sell dice here, unfortunately they are all red in color 😦 “.

Despite looking at the sad face, I smile in return. ” Perfect, that’s what I need. “, I said. I can see all the red dice, all red looking gorgeous dices. I was so obsessed with it that I purchase three red dice at the price of RM 3. With the red dices in my palm, I felt like holding the world, full of glorious joy. I walked home with glory that day.

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Nowadays, internet make the world shrink smaller that we can have friends from all over the world with different culture and life style. We don’t not need pen pals anymore, we can just use online messenger. We don’t have to travel to other country just to get particular item, it can be done through online shopping. We don’t have to rely on television anymore, Youtube is there for you, and Youtube can do much more.

Youtube is not just a website for people to watch and upload video, it is a platform where everyone gets the equality to be famous. It’s like the street, a place where every dancer get the same shot to win. When all those happening event going on and on, Youtube it self, within the community rise up quite a number of entertainer and much more interesting. These entertainer done so many creative production with limited resources which is very impressing, compare to high budget yet lousy production.

The variety of available videos on Youtube is just amazingly mind blowing. From casual videos to cliche pop song, dance videos, funny videos, random videos, you name it. Watching those failed videos is just so inspiring sometimes, it makes you feel good about yourself. Not to mention reading those comment below, it’s like a free brainstorm session. You don’t have to get it started, people would just throw a lot of cool ideas in the comment section.

Now, I am going to introduce some of my favorite Youtube channel. Nigahiga, Youtube number 1. Kevjumba, whom also have another account for charity purpose, JumbaFund. He collaborated with WongFu production for a new web series call Funemployed, also with DavidChoi for producing music for the web series. I also subscribed to MysteryGuitarMan, one of the most creative person in Youtube community. CollegeHumore, one of the most resourceful channel. Last but not least, TheAnnoyingOrange! The most annoying!

Besides that, you can use Youtube as a stream for you to express yourself, or if you are an idealistic person, you can introduce those abstract ideas in Youtube and hear what the world have to say. You see, Youtube is cool only because of the community. So please don’t be just an observer, participate with the community.

Be part of the community.

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