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An Apple a Day?

So here I am, weighting 63 kg, a very short guy weighting 63 kg is a nightmare. Imagine little kids walking around with a huge backpack filled with so many textbooks. Like it or not I usually work harder than other people. I have to endure this weight while doing what other people does everyday. It’s a pain, but not in the ass.

Knowing that fact that I am heavy for my height, it kinda answered why I usually jump so low and run so slow. “How the hell you get this fat? ” my friend asked. Eating is my passion, I live to eat. All those exercise doesn’t help reducing the weight, but it does makes me feel good.

One night while dancing, my friend said ” Why don’t you just skip dinner?” . Ladies and gentlemen may I assure you, that question is insulting. It’s as if telling Mariah Carey to stop singing, asking  Adam G.Sevani to stop dancing. “One does not simply ask me to skip dinner”. I replied. “Okay, how about just having an apple for dinner?” he asked.

Challenged Accepted. 

to be continue….


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