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An Interesting Journey

It is so obvious that we need money to travel, no doubt. Without money, it is almost impossible for you to travel. You can do a lot of traveling with money, do many things for your traveling. Of course it is possible to travel without money.

I do it everyday, traveling from one place to another place, and it’s totally free. Every morning I wake up, and travel to my computer. Along the way, I saw a lot of things that inspire me in my everyday life. When I open my eyes, I saw the ceiling fan spinning at the speed of light. Then I noticed those are actually sun light while the fan spin normally. Then I saw a wardrobe, and find some cloth to change, but I realized it’s not my wardrobe, mine is just beside it.Oh well, then I  keep on walking and saw the washroom, this is where I rediscover who I am. I carried on, step outside the door, and saw three more doors. I was panic, it was like a maze, I’m not sure which way to go. So I close my eyes, and walk by faith, not by sight.

Yes! I managed to get through that maze but then I felt sleepy again. The pleasure of closing my eyes was just too comfortable that make me want to go back. All those wonderlands flash through in front of my vision and the minions were begging me to play with them. At that moment, my body needed more oxygen, immediately I knew what to do, I open my mouth wide to let the oxygen outside have access into me. My body is calm while my soul were having a meeting to discuss if I need to make a U-turn.

By the decision from the committee board, majority agree that no U-turn should be tolerate at the moment, therefore march forward. I keep walking and walking, until every department of my body felt tired. The calculating department instantly calculate the distance towards the destination and shouted,”10 more walking steps! don’t give up!”. Suddenly all the department are all fired up after hearing the shout and start moving faster and faster.

Finally, in front of  the computer already. The world is at my finger tip now. Visiting some of the world renowned website to check out what’s hot and what’s not. But wait, NO class this morning?? Oh well, go back to sleep then.


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Teddy Bear

Teddy bear! One of the most lovable bear on earth. It stand out the most out of all the living bear. It gets the most attention like no other bear can get, especially love. The most unique bear that ever walk the earth. It have no trouble from extinction nor being abused. It can live anywhere in the world and highly recognize world wide too. Now, it is time for the teddy bears to show the world that they are at their prime and will keep on going, in Jeju Island Teddy Bear Musuem, South Korea.  

It is the biggest teddy bear museum in the world. You can see Monalisa-bear, Louis Vuitton bear (world’s most expensive bear?), Swarovski bear, Super-bear, Elvis-bear, Snow White and the Seven bears, Sushi bears, Orange bears, real bears and more bears!

All the bears are lovely, and they increase rapidly that it become one of the international security concern. The teddy bears are now all over the world and we fear that one day they will wipe off human race. According to the statistic of teddy bears, their population will be more than human race.So be nice to the teddy bears around, you might end up working for them in the future. Teddy Bears FTW!

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