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An Interesting Journey

It is so obvious that we need money to travel, no doubt. Without money, it is almost impossible for you to travel. You can do a lot of traveling with money, do many things for your traveling. Of course it is possible to travel without money.

I do it everyday, traveling from one place to another place, and it’s totally free. Every morning I wake up, and travel to my computer. Along the way, I saw a lot of things that inspire me in my everyday life. When I open my eyes, I saw the ceiling fan spinning at the speed of light. Then I noticed those are actually sun light while the fan spin normally. Then I saw a wardrobe, and find some cloth to change, but I realized it’s not my wardrobe, mine is just beside it.Oh well, then I  keep on walking and saw the washroom, this is where I rediscover who I am. I carried on, step outside the door, and saw three more doors. I was panic, it was like a maze, I’m not sure which way to go. So I close my eyes, and walk by faith, not by sight.

Yes! I managed to get through that maze but then I felt sleepy again. The pleasure of closing my eyes was just too comfortable that make me want to go back. All those wonderlands flash through in front of my vision and the minions were begging me to play with them. At that moment, my body needed more oxygen, immediately I knew what to do, I open my mouth wide to let the oxygen outside have access into me. My body is calm while my soul were having a meeting to discuss if I need to make a U-turn.

By the decision from the committee board, majority agree that no U-turn should be tolerate at the moment, therefore march forward. I keep walking and walking, until every department of my body felt tired. The calculating department instantly calculate the distance towards the destination and shouted,”10 more walking steps! don’t give up!”. Suddenly all the department are all fired up after hearing the shout and start moving faster and faster.

Finally, in front of  the computer already. The world is at my finger tip now. Visiting some of the world renowned website to check out what’s hot and what’s not. But wait, NO class this morning?? Oh well, go back to sleep then.


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Since young, I only know one type of porridge, and I never like it. Porridge is the only word translated from Chinese that I know. Until one day, I met the internet, and everything changed.

I’m lucky to be born in Malaysia, because in Malaysia you don’t need internet to tell you that there are not just a type of people. In our everyday life, we learn that there are many other races other than your own, there are many different kinds of people which have a different opinion and attitude.But I never learn about porridge, and through internet, I found that there are so many types of porridge from different parts of the world. Atheroma, Dalia, Gofio, Instant Quacker Oatmeal, Kasha, Krentjebrij, Mush, Ready Brek and many more! Some day I’ll taste them all.

So I found out that, the porridge that I known for a long time which is made of rice and consume by many other Asian countries are also known as Congee ! I somehow starting to like congee after doing some research of chinese history. They all look so delicious. I blame those who serve bad taste congee when I was younger and it make me rejected congee for so long. Damn you!  But it’s alright, I forgive you, whoever it is, at least I appreciate congee from now on.

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Back to Basic

Everything starts from the basic, and dance is included in that everything category. It is not compulsory for you to start off with the basic and dance very good, but of course it is recommended to learn the basic first.

Our life goes like that as well, there are people who emphasize on the basic first, and develop step by step constructively to ensure a secure path to achieve goals and dreams. There are also people that have the courage to take the leap of faith, striking the head before they learn how to strike properly. Sometimes they are successful, sometimes they failed, and often when they failed, it’s much likely very hard for them to make a come back because they don’t have a proper foundation. When you fall, you will be having hard time to stand up again, and this is where you need a reference to know how to make that come back. Of course friends and family support is important as well, but they can’t just point you the way, because they are actually another building, their foundation belongs to them. They can share it but you can’t have it, you need to have your self a proper foundation. When all these great buildings come together, that’s what make a great city.

I’ve seen a few friends of mine, they are great in dancing, but they reached at some point where they stuck, eagerly want to improve more but something is missing. This is where you refer back to the basic, start from the beginning, and trace what’s missing. It will be hard, but it’s the determination that will bring you forward. Through out the journey you’ll find something new, which will help you improve faster and better. Eventually, a breakthrough you shall experience.

How deep you dig in determine how tall can you build.

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I still remember when I was 14, I went for a stage performing camp. I learned many things but I forgot most of it. One of the thing that I remember is about writing a script. It is not necessary to write long script to get good impression. A person can use just one word in a conversation, with different facial expression and intonation, to indicate different understanding and respond, yet effective. After that camp, I realize it applies to our everyday life too. It is so true, and some Russian sang a song using only very simple lyric such as, oh , ya, ho, and LOL. In the song, I heard mostly he sang LOL. Here’s the video clip, enjoy the song.

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1st Placard Design

I was asked to design placard and here it is!

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