3 Months of Internship

—Prelude—29th February 2012—

Like the drink  “Yeo’s Campur“, I have a mixture feeling of excited and scared for the fact that I have to undergo a 3 months internship. I’m glad that after all these years talking and learning about game design, I finally get the chance to try it out in a company that actually develop games. But still, I am not sure what kind of preparation I need to get my self ready for this challenge. I don’t even know what is going to happen, which makes me feel scared. Fear of the unknown have always been among the human race. Too much possibilities filling in the unknown. Sometimes I pray that I get the easy task, sometimes I pray for the strength to endure the kick-ass task. I don’t know what to wear to work, I don’t know what or where to eat, and most importantly I don’t know what I will be doing. I asked the boss what kind of task will I get and he said it depends on what I’m good at. Really? I mean, I’m pretty good at sleeping, I can sleep in any position, and I can do it while converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. Pretty cool huh? Anyway, I just hope that I get to learn a lot from this 30 days of internship, and I shall not be late for work on the first day!

—Day 1—1st March 2012—

I wasn’t late for work, better yet, I was early for work. On the first day at work, it all goes pretty smooth. Colleagues are friendly, the office’s temperature is just nice, no restriction on web browsing, it all make me want to say” life is just sweet. The employees just come by and say hello, asked if I’m the new game programmer, sometimes I answered I don’t know, sometimes I just say I think so. But after all the self introduction, I have to endure one big challenge. The problem is as big as Snorlax, yes, I am sleepy. I couldn’t sleep the night before, I was just too excited and nervous about internship. As I was freely browsing the internet, my first task landed on my desk and I’m not excited about it at all. Why? It’s because I’m lazy and I was anticipating for task about game. I know it’s good for me to learn new stuff but I really look forward to get busy on game! Towards the end of the office hour, everybody seems busy, much more than before. They are all at their highest peak of productivity. At that moment, I start looking around the office, and see who’s leaving. Nope, chuck testa! So I waited awhile more. After 15 minutes, everyone was still hardworking. At that moment, “Fuck this shit” I said, and I leave the office.

Achievement :

1. Did not late for work on the first day

2. Did not fall asleep during work on the first day

3. Did not sleep the night before

—Day 2—2nd March 2012—

Nothing much happen, the guy who assigned me my first task did not go to work today, so I’m pretty much free. Just reading the documentation that I’ll need for my task. Being free gave me the opportunity to observe around me for another day. The guy who sit to the left of me, he is the game artist, and he draw very fast. It’s as if he’s building the t-spin structure in tetris battle. But what makes me feel like the first day is so special, no no….I think it’s best describe as different, from today is, I FORGOT TO HAVE LUNCH on the first day. When the working hour is so flexible, sometimes it’s just hard to tell if it is lunch hour, because you can have lunch anytime you want. So  today one of my colleague show me the food court, and guess what, the prices are fairly not expansive. So it’s just another day reading the documentation and I still doesn’t really understand it, damn! The boss seems to be taking his nap on the couch, so I went home.

Achievement :

1. Took lunch with colleagues

2. Talk to colleagues

3. Leave the office while boss taking a nap


—Day 3— 5th March 2012—

So I’ve been noticing this one girl in the bus, she’s cute and I like her. The problem is that early in the morning, I thank God that I am able to be in the bus because I have abandoned morning life for almost 5 years. Too bad that girl get off the bus early, or else I could have at least pretend that I’m new in town and ask for directions. So another day at work, still nothing much happen, just browsing and then some dude assigned me to help him on a project. Yes, it’s new to me and I find it very difficult to deal with. But still I accepted the challenge like a boss.

Achievement :

1. Receive task supervisor

2. Accept challenge like a boss


—Day 4— 6th March 2012—

This is the day that I miscalculate the timing, I missed the morning bus, and the evening shift too. So I was late for work, and reached home very late. Not just that, it was also the day that I wanted to say “challenge denied!”,but it is too late. No matter, I prayed to God that I have the strength to endure all these obstacles. Well, I actually prayed for an easy way out, but then I thought it was a bit too cheesy, so I changed the prayer.


1. Late for work


—Day 5—7th March—2012

I was a little bit sad, not because of late nor work pressure, but the fact that the cute girl I saw few days ago seems to be no longer taking the bus. I was so regret that I never pull out any moves on her but just when I step in the office, my colleague was playing fighting game. That kind of atmosphere cheer me up and get back on the track. They also let me try the game too, I just keep pressing the buttons like I’m a professional.


1. Feeling down

2. Play console game in the office


—Day 6—8th March—2012

The bus driver acted like a captain or pilot, he gave some briefings on what’s going on. He predicted that there will be very bad traffic jam but guess what, we can conclude that either he’s drunk, or he’s drunk. The traffic was normal. I made a significant leap in the project that I was assigned, although it is still a long way to go but still I feel great. After 6 days of non-productive mode, finally I did something good. But then with that significant leap comes great challenge that the project needed to be on hold for awhile. To be honest I was happy, and at the same time I was a worried. Worried that I might get a new project, and yes, I did. I was assigned another project while I have to fix that freaking giant obstacle. But that significant leap I made, really made me feel so good. I’m so proud of my self.


1. Significant leap/discovery

2. Get another project before finishing the current project


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