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Being Lazy is a Blessing

It was one sweet afternoon, I was in a food stall having lunch. While waiting for my food, I have nothing to do. I can feel the gentle breeze of wind, under the shade of the roof,  and I’m glad it was after lunch hour because it was so quiet and relaxing. I could just sleep on the spot, but it’s like my memories travels along the wind, it all came back to me.

I still remember when I was in my secondary school, we have our own hostel rules. We are forced to go to the field and just do something, as long as you are not staying inside the dorm around 4 o’clock. Everyone would prepare to play varieties of sports, but I just don’t feel like doing anything. So I just lay down under the tree, having the grass as the carpet, the blue sky as the ceiling, close my eyes and slowly fell asleep. Not a deep sleep but rather relaxing, as if I am floating.

Sometimes I felt stressful doing so much revisions. So I would just climb on top of the building, no, I never thought of committing suicide, it’s not even in my To-Do-List. I even take the mattress with me, enjoying the evening breeze with a mini radio beside me, watching the sunset, although the musics were crappy but it doesn’t matter at all, it felt too good to be interrupted. I mean, some people paid lots of money to go some paradise just to have what I experienced, and I get them easily. I’m just lucky to grow up in a place where it is near the beach. I always get to watch sunset too.

When I can’t sleep at night, I would go to the balcony and just enjoy the midnight breeze, often there were other friends that can’t sleep as well, we just enjoy the moment having good chat with each other. We sometimes would just escape from the hostel to go to a nearby beach, catching crabs and barbecued them on the spot. It’s not delicious, it’s just fun to do all these things. We enjoyed it as if there’s no tomorrow, no worries at all.

As I grew older, I’m just not that lazy anymore. I knew that if I am not working hard enough, or at least put much effort, I wouldn’t achieve what I dream about. I believe that goes almost the same to others as well. Some struggle to make end meets and some struggle to walk their dream. In the midst, there’s just people who are still lazy, as if they have no dream, nothing wanted to be achieve. I mean, I do work hard now not just so that I can survive on my own in the future, but being able to feed the others as well.

For those who don’t need to work hard now, I really think it’s their blessing. They need not worry about tomorrow, they are just so confident that they don’t have to do anything now and yet they can live well in the future.  Not all people have these kind of blessing, some come from a poor family, some from a broken family, and some just want to ensure a better future. I really miss those days where I can be so lazy, and just do nothing at all. It’s all different now, and I guess I’ll have to work harder now just so that I can be lazy again in the future.


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