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Teddy Bear

Teddy bear! One of the most lovable bear on earth. It stand out the most out of all the living bear. It gets the most attention like no other bear can get, especially love. The most unique bear that ever walk the earth. It have no trouble from extinction nor being abused. It can live anywhere in the world and highly recognize world wide too. Now, it is time for the teddy bears to show the world that they are at their prime and will keep on going, in Jeju Island Teddy Bear Musuem, South Korea.  

It is the biggest teddy bear museum in the world. You can see Monalisa-bear, Louis Vuitton bear (world’s most expensive bear?), Swarovski bear, Super-bear, Elvis-bear, Snow White and the Seven bears, Sushi bears, Orange bears, real bears and more bears!

All the bears are lovely, and they increase rapidly that it become one of the international security concern. The teddy bears are now all over the world and we fear that one day they will wipe off human race. According to the statistic of teddy bears, their population will be more than human race.So be nice to the teddy bears around, you might end up working for them in the future. Teddy Bears FTW!


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The “Bah!” is a one of the favorites expression word for Sabah people. Everyone adopt into the usage of this “Bah!” so quickly that it become the latest trend that everyone talk about. Everyone is using it every where, and it soon become a culture.

The usage of “Bah!” can be versatile and yet dynamic. You can express almost every feeling possible but of course, one at a time, each usage only allowed a single expression. It can be funny, sad, angry, depress and so on. With so many expression you can manipulate using only one word with intonation and loudness. It is also a very useful tool to emphasize on something to extract more of your point out. It can be a very deadly weapon for female to melt the opposite sex too.

Next, I’m going to show how this magic word can be apply in the sentence. But before that there are few rules that indicates the wrong usage of the magic word. The magic word cannot be a substitute for any vulgar words! The magic word is sacred, it is holy, too pure to be use as a substitution for bad words. Besides that, the magic word cannot be use along with any vulgar words. In addition, it cannot be use in a sentence if there are any vulgar words inside. For example, what the fuck bah! No, this is wrong. Further more, the magic word cannot appear more than once in a sentence. For instance, let’s go bah to the movie bah. Again, this is wrong too. You should avoid using the magic word in every sentence. It is best that if there are interval of at least one sentence before using the magic word in the next sentence. It cannot be use to greet people.

The following are some example on the usage of the magic words.

  1. Don’t act like that bah!
  2. Let’s go eat bah!
  3. Cross this line if you dare bah!
  4. I’m fine with it bah if it is from you.
  5. Do your homework bah.
  6. Bah, so what now?
  7. Bah, see you tomorrow.
  8. Bah, take it.
  9. It was the lecture bah, it was all his fault!
  10. Bah…

If you notice, most of the time the magic words always appear as the last word in a sentence, sometimes, it appear as an opening ceremony for each sentence too. Occasionally it appear in the middle of the sentence. When you don’t know what to say and the situation is getting awkward. Feel free to use the magic word, and if the other person don’t know what to say as well, they might reply that magic word too. Repeat this loop until one of you have something to say. This is abit complicated to digest but I will give an illustration through an example of conversation.

Subject A : i don’t know what to say…..and it feels so awkward now….                                  Subject B : ………                                                                                                                         Subject A : bah…                                                                                                                        Subject B : bah….                                                                                                                       Subject A : ……                                                                                                                                Subject B : …………..                                                                                                                        Subject A : bah….                                                                                                                         Subject B : bah…                                                                                                                                Subject A : i still don’t know what to say…                                                                                    Subject B : me too.

See, it makes the conversation alive, it keeps the conversation going on. So those are some tips on how to use the magic words, the rest is up to you. Practice more, find a partner to practice with and you should be able to speak like Sabah people. If you are a foreigners and plan to visit Sabah, you can say ” Sabah bagus bah!” to everyone you met.

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Bboy Bruce Lee & Bboy The End

Two of my favorites powermove bboys from Gamblerz Crew, Bboy Bruce Lee and Bboy The End. I consider this two bboys as living legend in bboy history. They competed for a long time now and still competing nowadays.

They always do moves that make people say, wow! Regardless of you are a bboy or not, you definitely will drop your jaw when you saw them on the dance floor. Bboy The End always do moves that are very difficult for other bboys to attempt. He is so good that he can do other people’s moves as well and could do it better. So far there are only a few bboys out there that can almost pull off his signature moves.

Bboy Bruce Lee is good at powermoves too. He have more sense of musicality and pretty stylish overall. With the combination of his musicality and technically difficult moves, it make him a unique bboy out there. You can feel the hype when he brought him self on the dance floor and express it out like you never see before.

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Defence of the Ancients ( DotA )

Dota, one of many custom made game from WarCraft, and is very successful. Definitely one of my favorite computer games of all time. The game existed long ago and still growing. In just a few years it grows rapidly, bring a lot of changes, new play style, more option, flexibility and excitement. The number of player increased fast and still increasing.

Unfortunately many people out there have a wrong mind set of Dota. These people are usually those who get bullied in the game and quit because they can’t resist the humiliation. Another group of people are those who never play or see what is Dota. For those who quit because you got bullied in the game, please don’t give up easily. If you give up easily just for a game, what makes you think you can go through thunder storm when you go out after bigger deal. Thomas Alva Edison did not gave up when he failed, he keep on trying and improve from his mistake until he successfully created a light bulb works well. Of course, the player who bullied them are wrong as well, they shouldn’t scold the newbies like they got no dignity.

Dota is not about killing, it is about flexibilities, concentration, wisdom to invest, prediction, teamwork, critical thinking, anger management, interception of opponent’s strategy and having fun. In the game, it is good to have your own specialties but having flexibility to play other  style will always be an advantage for you. An average of match Dota will be around 1 hour, so you will need concentration to keep up from the beginning of the game until almost end of the game. Like any other games, there will have their own money currency, the same goes to Dota. Player need to think wisely to buy the correct item at the correct timing. Player who are able to read opponent’s movement or predict very well will have the advantage of intercepting opponent’s strategy. This is important because you will always be at the disadvantage when your opponent always know what is your next step. Critical thinking is also an important asset that is required for every player because in the game, you can never predict every thing, caught in an ambush will cause you panic, and with good critical thinking, you can solve the problem instantly with efficiency. Player need to have good anger management as well because we are still human, mistake always come along and there is no use to get so upset for some mistake. Teamwork is important too especially when you want to have fun.

Besides all those required skills, we need to have a good attitudes as well. Stop greeting other player’s mother. Their mother is innocent. I’m sure their mother never teach them to play like that. Instead, their mother will ask them not to play games and study hard. What about their father? Why mothers are always the victim? I’m not suggesting that we should send greeting to their father as well but why only mothers?                 ( ….erm…what?…) Well, I think it is enough that you send greetings to the players. You don’t have to forward those greetings to other relatives.

I’m confused for what I just wrote, and I think it is better I stop here. Overall, the game is fun. You can be good at it but don’t get addicted to it. Peace. XD

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Expressive Moves

There is a phrase that says, “dance to express, not to impress”. This is something that is quite hard for some dancers to achieve. These dancer tend to choreograph moves that look cool or technically difficult, with the intention to impress others. I’m not saying that it is wrong, there is no right or wrong in dancing, that is one of the reason why dancing can be so dynamic in general, and keep evolving.

Doing expressive moves might not be easy, but it’s definitely fun and worth putting effort in it. Most of the time we see expressive moves are kinda slow, but expressive moves can be fast and powerful as well. The speed of movement doesn’t define if it is an expressive move. It is when the music play, you feel the music, and you try to dance out what you feel from the music. That is more to a free flow expressing or most people call it free-styling. Of course there are other ways too, you can try to understand the big picture of the music, or capture what the artist is trying to tell or convey, and put it in a choreography accordingly to the music. Besides that, you can also use another approach which is quite similar to lyrical dance, translating the song into dance and most of the time translating the lyric of the song. I don’t really like this approach because most of the time when trying to translate the song, I think about what moves should I do next, and this is the thing that I’m trying to avoid. It is best that the moves come out of your feeling, an interpretation of your feeling towards the music. It is suppose to be expressive, and how you relate the music with you.

When it comes to expressive moves, we know that we should express our feeling towards it. Some people might ask, what kind of expression should be display, what kind of feeling should be express. Well, you can express anything you want. A lot of new dancers tend to go deep when trying to choreograph expressive moves. They usually go for love theme, but there is a lot more you can do such as anger towards certain society issues, how sad can the family be when they felt the lost of you, or just happily enjoying every moment of life. Anything that you can think of, put it in a scenario to make it easier, or you can try to dance out your past as well.

One of the world best choreographer that I think he would best describe what is expressive moves through his art craft is Shaun Evaristo. If you get to watch him dance, you can probably feel the connection that he had with the music, and you can see how he put it out. His choreography is always smooth yet powerful, simple yet dynamic. He’s an inspiration that can make you dare to choreograph new and rare stuff, or directing a performance in a different perspective.

I’ve been dancing for quite some times now, and that is what I learned, what I experienced, what I would like to share.

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Why BigMac?

One of the best food by McDonald is BigMac. Why? It’s simply because BigMac is so wonderful like an unpolluted planet earth and it taste much better than earth. Notice that I compared BigMac with planet earth, so in your imagination right now, BigMac should be very big.

On planet earth, it contain human, animal, plant, dinosaur, cockroach ozone layer…..Boring! On the other hand, BigMac, contain a dash of salt, to stabilize irregular heart beat and balance the sugar level in the blood, 1/4 of ground beef, so that you can have a hardworking attitude like a cow, 1 teaspoon of finely diced onion, to impart unity characteristic within you,  1 tablespoon of kraft thousand island dressing, a burger need to dress as well, half cup chopped lettuce, I don’t know what for, a slice of American cheese, 2-3 dill pickle slices, 1 hamburger bun with sesame weeds so that you can hold the burger, and finally half additional hamburger bun, just to make it look bigger! Each bite provoke the deliciousness of the burger and unleash inside your mouth. All the taste just flow out non stop with a solid foundation of beef and the cheese is riding on the beef, with some vegetables that keep you healthy.

Recently, they came up with a bigger topic. The MEGAMAC! It’s much bigger than bigmac that I have to use capital letters to write MEGAMAC and small letters for bigmac, just to show the contrast of both size, a huge gap. Perhaps MEGAMAC should be entitle the world 8th wonder.

All the above mentioned, are not the fact why I like bigmac, it’s just because bigmac is big, and most importantly McDonald have coke refill service.

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Crab Porridge?

There are so many definition of porridge that can be found in the internet. All with their own uniqueness and from different countries. But now I’m going to talk about, Chinese porridge. Chinese porridge is basically the result of putting too much water in the rice cooker when cooking rice, and it end up looking like rice but watery.

I never really like Chinese porridge not because I’m racist but the porridge always gave me hard time eating it. Usually Chinese porridge must be serve while it’s still hot, or else it will taste worst than grass. For that reason, I don’t like porridge, but I don’t hate it either. Consuming porridge require a lot of effort and time. I found it very annoying when I need to blow the porridge before I can put it in my mouth for each spoon, and I can’t ignore this step because I don’t want to hurt my tongue. So I would prefer to eat burger. It’s so round that you can hold it with your hands, eat it, squeeze it or throw at people with it. See, burger is just fantastic, it have multiple function.

However, for once in my porridge lifetime, I think that porridge is cool. I call it, the Crab Porridge! Just look at it, the crab is enjoying the hot spring. I guess crab know how to live a life huh? Honestly, if you serve me this Crab Porridge, I will not consume it. I will keep it as a souvenir, or at least, I’ll put the crab in another bath tub and give that crab-less porridge to other people.

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