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Books, the best invention in the world.

I used to hate books so much. The books are just so heavy to carry around. Not to mention that it’s flammable enough to cause huge fire. I can’t enter into any library as well because I will suffocate inside with so many books around. I felt like I have some weird power to sense any books around me, I would have headache if there is any. In other words, I have books allergy. The fact that I grew up with a lot of books make me sad because to create books, lots of papers are required, and where you get the papers? Tree.

I guess it’s not all bad, there is a saying, never judge a book by its cover. Books are not just for reading, try to think outside the box for awhile,  the books can be turn into a box! Well you just have to duct tape lots of books together and you got your self a box made out of books to put more books inside.

I believe many designers out there have their own preference of decorating home, be it furnishing, lighting or nothing. In my opinion, I think that book is the best decorative ever. Books are just so flexible that you can fit it in any scene you like. No matter what it will always be relevant. Perhaps you can try it your self, decorate your home with books, I’m sure when people pay a visit they would say wow, with their jaw dropping. Yes, that is what we are looking for, the “wow” factor.

Some people just love to write down notes no matter where they go. Always having a book with you would help sometimes. As you can see, the world is not square, not even a perfect round shape, it’s slightly oval. Not every place have smooth surface for you to write properly, in this case do not hesitate to use a book as the bottom layer, it provides smooth and comfortable writing surface.

Growing up in an Asian family is not easy at all, we are forced to read a lot. We are forced to read everywhere we go, including the washroom. As the elderly always said, time is gold. I didn’t understand how that phrase have anything to do with reading all the time everywhere. Until one day, when I was doing something big, guess what, there is no more tissue left. That moment, the phrase “time is gold” struck my head, and I understood. I used a few pages and get it done. If I call and wait for help, I might missed the intro song of my favorite cartoon.

Books can be a good tool to kill insect too. I used some of my mom’s books to smash some cockroaches. There is no need to buy any other stuff which are poisonous. Just use books, it help save cost, non poisonous, friendly user and intelligence. By the way, my friend told me that the cockroaches that I smashed must be very proud to die under the book, they died with honor, not every living got the chance to die under a book.

Ever annoyed by the person sit beside you? Feel like hitting them? That’s a common problem and reaction that we face nowadays. Hitting them with your own hands could hurt your own hands, but hitting them with common weapon could kill them. Just hit them with a book, it’s the best choice there is. Why? They feel the pain and it doesn’t leave scars on them. Also that hitting with a book doesn’t really hurt the relationship, it’s somehow like a package, sense of humor is included. We’ll all just have a laugh about it and get to remain the relationship until you are annoyed again, then just repeat the process and everything will be fine.

A book can be use to block the sunlight. A book can be use to keep warm as well, I learned this from the movie called ” The day after tomorrow “. There’s a lot more usage of books, and I will let you explore them all by your self. Go ahead, don’t be afraid, have fun exploring the books.


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