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Game Developing?

Game developing is never a dream job to most of the people out there, but somehow people think it’s a cool job. It’s true, it is really cool when you have the power to create, define and rule a new world. It is awesome to know that people all around the world is playing what you created. It carved a smile on your face to see the gamers enjoy your game. It is inspiring to see gamers learned from your game, and they are able to find new possibilities within your game. However, this is not a path for everyone, not for most people out there.

Please don’t choose this path if you solely think it is cool, because behind the curtain a game developer’s job is not easy at all. It involved lots of logical thinking, precise calculation and proper simulation. Keeping the game to be understandable and playable according to the players while meeting the high expectation from gamers. It can be as hard as writing a word on a tofu.

Just because you are a game lover, it does not mean you are a game developing lover. Loving to play games only is not enough for you to be a game developer, because playing games and developing games are totally two different thing. It is like men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and people still get confused of these two creature.

Some student think that being in IT field is cool, it sound good, but they don’t want to do so much of programming and they choose game developing. Well that is not true at all, as far as I’m concerned regardless of any major in IT field, you still acquire to do lots of programming stuff. In fact, there are many other task to do in game developing like the game engine, artificial intelligent, input, networking, game tools, and many more.

Don’t simply choose this path just because you don’t know what to do, because walking in this path simply needs you to know what to do. It require lots of decision making as well. How do you think you can survive in IT field if you always don’t know what to do? Never ever use a coin toss to help you decide whether or not to be a game developer, because a coin toss won’t help you solve problem.

In many cases friends influence are stronger than you can imagine, your friend might tell you it is a good course to learn. Yes it is good, for them, not necessarily for you. You can’t simply just follow your friends, you have to know exactly why is it good for them, why are they saying it is good for you. Do more research regarding this path, and see if it is really the thing that you want, the thing that you want to do for a very long time, the thing that you can endure for very long time.

I still remember few years ago, I choose to study game design. People around me immediately interpreted that decisions as immature act, naive, playful and foolish. They proposed ideas that I don’t know what is the so called real life. Well I don’t care all that, because I know that this is not just about me doing what I love. I know it will be hard, sometimes feel like giving up, but I will make a come back very quickly and keep walking. At least this is the one thing that I can assure that I will be able to endure.


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Defence of the Ancients ( DotA )

Dota, one of many custom made game from WarCraft, and is very successful. Definitely one of my favorite computer games of all time. The game existed long ago and still growing. In just a few years it grows rapidly, bring a lot of changes, new play style, more option, flexibility and excitement. The number of player increased fast and still increasing.

Unfortunately many people out there have a wrong mind set of Dota. These people are usually those who get bullied in the game and quit because they can’t resist the humiliation. Another group of people are those who never play or see what is Dota. For those who quit because you got bullied in the game, please don’t give up easily. If you give up easily just for a game, what makes you think you can go through thunder storm when you go out after bigger deal. Thomas Alva Edison did not gave up when he failed, he keep on trying and improve from his mistake until he successfully created a light bulb works well. Of course, the player who bullied them are wrong as well, they shouldn’t scold the newbies like they got no dignity.

Dota is not about killing, it is about flexibilities, concentration, wisdom to invest, prediction, teamwork, critical thinking, anger management, interception of opponent’s strategy and having fun. In the game, it is good to have your own specialties but having flexibility to play other  style will always be an advantage for you. An average of match Dota will be around 1 hour, so you will need concentration to keep up from the beginning of the game until almost end of the game. Like any other games, there will have their own money currency, the same goes to Dota. Player need to think wisely to buy the correct item at the correct timing. Player who are able to read opponent’s movement or predict very well will have the advantage of intercepting opponent’s strategy. This is important because you will always be at the disadvantage when your opponent always know what is your next step. Critical thinking is also an important asset that is required for every player because in the game, you can never predict every thing, caught in an ambush will cause you panic, and with good critical thinking, you can solve the problem instantly with efficiency. Player need to have good anger management as well because we are still human, mistake always come along and there is no use to get so upset for some mistake. Teamwork is important too especially when you want to have fun.

Besides all those required skills, we need to have a good attitudes as well. Stop greeting other player’s mother. Their mother is innocent. I’m sure their mother never teach them to play like that. Instead, their mother will ask them not to play games and study hard. What about their father? Why mothers are always the victim? I’m not suggesting that we should send greeting to their father as well but why only mothers?                 ( ….erm…what?…) Well, I think it is enough that you send greetings to the players. You don’t have to forward those greetings to other relatives.

I’m confused for what I just wrote, and I think it is better I stop here. Overall, the game is fun. You can be good at it but don’t get addicted to it. Peace. XD

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