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Family Guy

Compared to the previous midterm holidays that I had, it seems to be quite unique for what I’m going through now. Unlike how I used to waste time traveling around, I spent my time wisely this week.

So I’ve been busy with a few dance competition and also other stuff such as assignments, homework, exams , sleeping eating, etc. Despite being so busy in the holidays, I still feel bored after midnight. I tried to find more entertainments but still it ain’t working. Then I felt so tired that I let my brain do the work, the body get to rest. Many theory and fantasy going in and out until something interesting struck into my head. The fact that I’m staying far away from my family and being a guy, leads me to think of the family guy. Hence, I decided to watch the family guy when I’m bored.

I went through all my hard disk only to find out that I only downloaded 2 seasons of the family guy. Which is season 1 and 2, I finished watching all of it. I tried to download other season of the family guy, but something better came up, watching it online. So of course, soon I found a link for it, and it’s free.

Season 9 of the family guy start off with a good episode, and now, I finished episode 6, I want more!!!


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