My 4th Dimension

I get distracted easily, and I always find it frustrating. My imagination tend to go wild even when the cricket quiets down. Be it in the public or alone, my imagination never sleep. It sound good isn’t it? There is a problem with it, the imagination were too abstract most of it which make it hard for me to translate it into the world. I guess I will need discipline to control my thoughts.

Somehow, I found several ways to bridge the abstract into the world, my world at least. Writing them down, is the most basic step among all. Lately, I mingle around videography as a new hobby, that is a good method too. The most fascinating method I ever found was dancing. I am able to channel my self into the other dimension and get out with full control. Unlike the other two methods I mentioned, I can only deliver them out. But dancing, I am able to go in the 4th dimension and at the same time hold ground to reality.

It does not ensure distraction immunity, I still get distracted. I’m not distracted because of people looking at me or what so ever, but I get distracted when I sense depreciation and ignorance. When humans are desperate, they would do anything to achieve their needs. I do get desperate when I keep failing to get into the atmosphere, and I will close my eyes, to stop my brain from interpreting my physical sight.

Slowly, I started to light some fire, just so that I am able to see in the dark. Each breath I take is another step into the other dimension. Step by step and I am in. Sometimes I use the music as a booster, it’s like a transportation that helps me travel faster. Once I am in, the outside world are no longer heard.

I dwell in it, feel it, until it overflows me. Then my body started to move, starting from the smallest gesture, to release what’s overwhelmed me. As the feeling flows much stronger than the river streams, my body starting to move more and more. It feels awesome as I am able to manipulate the abstract, deliver it into the world instantly and having full control of it. Of course I hardly get the original idea out because there is an interpretation process going on in between, and I deliver back in the interpreted idea, then it provide a space to define another new thing.

I don’t stay inside for long, that would be running away from the reality. I will go back to reality, and it is easy. Much easier than snapping your fingers. I just open my eyes, and I am back.

How I wish, people can visit each others imagination. It would be a great experience and awesome way to exchange ideas.



  1. I’d like to step in to that. Having the same experience before. I was acquainted to inner dance. It was really fascinating. You really go into that realm of the heart of the Universe–to that beautiful indescribable nothingness. Well we can be together in that feeling but be together physically in it, well only our spirits can. And we won’t notice that we’re together for there, we are all one.

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