Since young, I only know one type of porridge, and I never like it. Porridge is the only word translated from Chinese that I know. Until one day, I met the internet, and everything changed.

I’m lucky to be born in Malaysia, because in Malaysia you don’t need internet to tell you that there are not just a type of people. In our everyday life, we learn that there are many other races other than your own, there are many different kinds of people which have a different opinion and attitude.But I never learn about porridge, and through internet, I found that there are so many types of porridge from different parts of the world. Atheroma, Dalia, Gofio, Instant Quacker Oatmeal, Kasha, Krentjebrij, Mush, Ready Brek and many more! Some day I’ll taste them all.

So I found out that, the porridge that I known for a long time which is made of rice and consume by many other Asian countries are also known as Congee ! I somehow starting to like congee after doing some research of chinese history. They all look so delicious. I blame those who serve bad taste congee when I was younger and it make me rejected congee for so long. Damn you!  But it’s alright, I forgive you, whoever it is, at least I appreciate congee from now on.


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