Teddy Bear

Teddy bear! One of the most lovable bear on earth. It stand out the most out of all the living bear. It gets the most attention like no other bear can get, especially love. The most unique bear that ever walk the earth. It have no trouble from extinction nor being abused. It can live anywhere in the world and highly recognize world wide too. Now, it is time for the teddy bears to show the world that they are at their prime and will keep on going, in Jeju Island Teddy Bear Musuem, South Korea.  

It is the biggest teddy bear museum in the world. You can see Monalisa-bear, Louis Vuitton bear (world’s most expensive bear?), Swarovski bear, Super-bear, Elvis-bear, Snow White and the Seven bears, Sushi bears, Orange bears, real bears and more bears!

All the bears are lovely, and they increase rapidly that it become one of the international security concern. The teddy bears are now all over the world and we fear that one day they will wipe off human race. According to the statistic of teddy bears, their population will be more than human race.So be nice to the teddy bears around, you might end up working for them in the future. Teddy Bears FTW!



  1. yeeming said

    Whoa! I wonder how sushi bear looks like. HAHA!

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