The “Bah!” is a one of the favorites expression word for Sabah people. Everyone adopt into the usage of this “Bah!” so quickly that it become the latest trend that everyone talk about. Everyone is using it every where, and it soon become a culture.

The usage of “Bah!” can be versatile and yet dynamic. You can express almost every feeling possible but of course, one at a time, each usage only allowed a single expression. It can be funny, sad, angry, depress and so on. With so many expression you can manipulate using only one word with intonation and loudness. It is also a very useful tool to emphasize on something to extract more of your point out. It can be a very deadly weapon for female to melt the opposite sex too.

Next, I’m going to show how this magic word can be apply in the sentence. But before that there are few rules that indicates the wrong usage of the magic word. The magic word cannot be a substitute for any vulgar words! The magic word is sacred, it is holy, too pure to be use as a substitution for bad words. Besides that, the magic word cannot be use along with any vulgar words. In addition, it cannot be use in a sentence if there are any vulgar words inside. For example, what the fuck bah! No, this is wrong. Further more, the magic word cannot appear more than once in a sentence. For instance, let’s go bah to the movie bah. Again, this is wrong too. You should avoid using the magic word in every sentence. It is best that if there are interval of at least one sentence before using the magic word in the next sentence. It cannot be use to greet people.

The following are some example on the usage of the magic words.

  1. Don’t act like that bah!
  2. Let’s go eat bah!
  3. Cross this line if you dare bah!
  4. I’m fine with it bah if it is from you.
  5. Do your homework bah.
  6. Bah, so what now?
  7. Bah, see you tomorrow.
  8. Bah, take it.
  9. It was the lecture bah, it was all his fault!
  10. Bah…

If you notice, most of the time the magic words always appear as the last word in a sentence, sometimes, it appear as an opening ceremony for each sentence too. Occasionally it appear in the middle of the sentence. When you don’t know what to say and the situation is getting awkward. Feel free to use the magic word, and if the other person don’t know what to say as well, they might reply that magic word too. Repeat this loop until one of you have something to say. This is abit complicated to digest but I will give an illustration through an example of conversation.

Subject A : i don’t know what to say…..and it feels so awkward now….                                  Subject B : ………                                                                                                                         Subject A : bah…                                                                                                                        Subject B : bah….                                                                                                                       Subject A : ……                                                                                                                                Subject B : …………..                                                                                                                        Subject A : bah….                                                                                                                         Subject B : bah…                                                                                                                                Subject A : i still don’t know what to say…                                                                                    Subject B : me too.

See, it makes the conversation alive, it keeps the conversation going on. So those are some tips on how to use the magic words, the rest is up to you. Practice more, find a partner to practice with and you should be able to speak like Sabah people. If you are a foreigners and plan to visit Sabah, you can say ” Sabah bagus bah!” to everyone you met.


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