Bboy Bruce Lee & Bboy The End

Two of my favorites powermove bboys from Gamblerz Crew, Bboy Bruce Lee and Bboy The End. I consider this two bboys as living legend in bboy history. They competed for a long time now and still competing nowadays.

They always do moves that make people say, wow! Regardless of you are a bboy or not, you definitely will drop your jaw when you saw them on the dance floor. Bboy The End always do moves that are very difficult for other bboys to attempt. He is so good that he can do other people’s moves as well and could do it better. So far there are only a few bboys out there that can almost pull off his signature moves.

Bboy Bruce Lee is good at powermoves too. He have more sense of musicality and pretty stylish overall. With the combination of his musicality and technically difficult moves, it make him a unique bboy out there. You can feel the hype when he brought him self on the dance floor and express it out like you never see before.


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