Expressive Moves

There is a phrase that says, “dance to express, not to impress”. This is something that is quite hard for some dancers to achieve. These dancer tend to choreograph moves that look cool or technically difficult, with the intention to impress others. I’m not saying that it is wrong, there is no right or wrong in dancing, that is one of the reason why dancing can be so dynamic in general, and keep evolving.

Doing expressive moves might not be easy, but it’s definitely fun and worth putting effort in it. Most of the time we see expressive moves are kinda slow, but expressive moves can be fast and powerful as well. The speed of movement doesn’t define if it is an expressive move. It is when the music play, you feel the music, and you try to dance out what you feel from the music. That is more to a free flow expressing or most people call it free-styling. Of course there are other ways too, you can try to understand the big picture of the music, or capture what the artist is trying to tell or convey, and put it in a choreography accordingly to the music. Besides that, you can also use another approach which is quite similar to lyrical dance, translating the song into dance and most of the time translating the lyric of the song. I don’t really like this approach because most of the time when trying to translate the song, I think about what moves should I do next, and this is the thing that I’m trying to avoid. It is best that the moves come out of your feeling, an interpretation of your feeling towards the music. It is suppose to be expressive, and how you relate the music with you.

When it comes to expressive moves, we know that we should express our feeling towards it. Some people might ask, what kind of expression should be display, what kind of feeling should be express. Well, you can express anything you want. A lot of new dancers tend to go deep when trying to choreograph expressive moves. They usually go for love theme, but there is a lot more you can do such as anger towards certain society issues, how sad can the family be when they felt the lost of you, or just happily enjoying every moment of life. Anything that you can think of, put it in a scenario to make it easier, or you can try to dance out your past as well.

One of the world best choreographer that I think he would best describe what is expressive moves through his art craft is Shaun Evaristo. If you get to watch him dance, you can probably feel the connection that he had with the music, and you can see how he put it out. His choreography is always smooth yet powerful, simple yet dynamic. He’s an inspiration that can make you dare to choreograph new and rare stuff, or directing a performance in a different perspective.

I’ve been dancing for quite some times now, and that is what I learned, what I experienced, what I would like to share.


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